Story Telling

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Peter Kalu has been a storyteller for twelve years. He conducts over fifty storytelling sessions per year. He entertains and educates over 1,000 children and 200 adults per year


Peter Kalu has told his stories to all age ranges from reception class age to eleven year olds and in contexts including state schools, supplementary schools and youth services. He automatically adapts the material to the audience before him. He has worked with a classroom assistant/ interpreter when taking classes containing children whose first language is Punjabi. He has collaborated with musicians and visual artists.

Peter Kalu has worked across the Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Huddersfield areas, for schools, Summer schools, playschemes and libraries. He is the author of five novels, and has won numerous writing awards including BBC Young Playwright of the Year, First Prize, Liverpool Film Script Competition and BBC North West Comedy Competition Winner. He has worked closely with Local Authority Ethnic Minority Support Services.