BHM Storytellers

Founded in 2014, the BHM (Black History Month) storytellers collective create stories for a live audience using narrative, acting, song, music, dance, masks and puppets.  We like to include the audience and the local environment in our performances so we often run workshops in the locality beforehand . This allows the audience, the community, the participants to become the stars of the show. Long after we’ve left, people remember how their community members performed.
We are high tech and low tech.  We can weave our stories in an open field and in a 400 seater theatre. The key artists of the collective are Pete Kalu, Daniella Edwards and Buzz Mabrak.
buzz      Da2hands      hair launch mic
 Buzz Mabrak                                             Daniella Edwards                                                          Peter Kalu
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Photo of Buzz Mabrak taken by Miselo Kunda.