Some Kalu Crime, Scifi and RomCom Novels

Yard Dogs (thriller) The X Press September 2002

Diary of a Househusband (romantic comedy) The X Press 1998

Black Star Rising (sci-fi) The X Press June 1998

Professor X ( thriller) The X Press October 1995.

Lick Shot ( thriller) The X Press December 1993.

Little Jack Horner (thriller) Suitcase Press November 2007

Yard Dogs


It seemed like an open and shut case for Detective Inspector Ambrose Patterson.  Television celebrity Desiree Burton had been found with the murder weapon in her hand and the bloody body of her lesbian lover beside her. But the more Patterson investigates, the greater his doubts.  He becomes convinced the system is determined to see Burton sent down, irrespective of the eveidence.  Is Patterson’s reading of the case correct?  Or has he become dangerously attracted to the chief suspect?

Diary of a Househusband  Written under the pseudonym, Carl Peters


Nikki has a better paid job and her career is taking off. So it seems only natural that her partner, Harvey Robinson should be the one to quit his job and hold down the household chores.   Diary of a Househusband chronicles Harvey’s adjustment to his new life and the related changes Nikki and Harvey’s relationship undergoes.

Black Star Rising


Five black astronauts crew a ship.   Its software  malfunctions, taking them on a perilous trajectory  through space.    They battle with the Code, with one another and with their strange encounters in New Worlds.

Professor X


To white America he’s public enemy number one; for many in the black community he’s a hero.  The controversial Professor X is both a phenomenon and an enigma. On his first visit to Britain the Professor plans to expose a major corruption scandal. But there are powerful government and financial forces that want him silenced and a top hitman has already been given the task. For black Detective Inspector Ambrose Patterson the Professor’s visit is his worst fear.  Assigned as the  Professor’s protection officer, he discovers his security plans sabotaged.  Patterson quickly realises that it is not only the Professor’s life that is under threat… it is also his own!

Lick Shot


DATELINE…. 20 years from now . Down in the dark sewers of Manchester lies a terrible secret. It’s the horrific race hate weapon that The White Tribe, a psychotic group of neo-nazis, plan to unleash on the city’s black residents. They will stop at nothing to carry out their mission. But they didn’t reckon on a black cop who doesn’t give a F*** about the rules.  Patterson’s under fire from all sides but his only concern is that they MUST be stopped… by any means necessary!