Reviews of Kalu’s work

“An enjoyable read, and you definitely don’t need to know anything about football to enjoy this wonderful book.”

—Selina Jayne Book Blog Review on The Silent Striker Full Selina Jayne review





  “How does it feel to be a young girl whose passion and talent are invested in what tends to be seen as a man’s game – football? What does it really mean to be ‘black’ – when you look ‘white’? Will a spot or two of shoplifting always come back to haunt a person? And why can’t adults be more… grown up? These questions and more are tackled in Pete Kalu’s fresh slice of life in modern Britain, as star striker Adele Vialli attempts to impress an England scout, negotiate a relationship with her boyfriend Marcus, and work out what on earth her city banker dad is doing flirting with her best frenemy Mikaela’s mother. As Adele herself warns from the start, there are no neat, happy endings here – but there is plenty of honesty and everyday heartache with which many young adult readers will be able to identify.”


   —- Teach Secondary on Being Me





Well told … its subject matter handled with compassion and complexity.
  — Claire Chambers, Huffington Post (about Silent Striker)

Huffington Post review of The Silent Striker



Kalu packs plot and compulsive characters with story lines that grip
— The Voice (about Yard Dogs)




The novel every woman will want her man to read
— BBC GLR Radio (about Diary of a Househusband)




Very amusing, skilfully drawn characters that will have you falling about laughing
— The Voice (about Diary of a Househusband)




  Peter Kalu is …. the first imagination to see space and science fiction through afro-centric eyes.  Somewhere in the future, earthlings will look back and say Peter Kalu was the first.  Weak hearts beware, there is a dread at the controls.
— Benjamin Zephaniah (about Black Star Rising)




Black Star Rising burns bright.  A cover to cover read.  
— New Nation (about Black Star Rising)


“the Chester Himes reading and discussion were superb”
— Stuart Bingham, Writing On The Wall 2015