Welcome to the Bloods – Twine Game


Click on the link in green below. The Game runs on your browser using html – no download needed. What’s the Game essentials? A quiz. You read the testimonies of other Bloods’ recruits then take the quiz.  You can also join the Resistance (those opposed to  the Bloods) if you can find the right pathway within the Game. I intend to expand this Twine Game but, so far, it ends with the quiz. It’s kind of eerie.  You are being recruited to join the Bad Guys and the ‘correct’ answers may not be what you benevolent instincts push you towards!


Welcome to the Bloods (v2)




Narrative based on ‘One Drop’ novel by Pete Kalu – out now, everywhere!

‘Game text by Pete Kalu. Except ‘Jasmine Fletcher story’, by Ellie Andrews

Coding: Pete Kalu/Ellie Andrews/Visioning Labs

Visuals/Avatars: Remi Rabillat

Music: Naomi Kalu